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This newsletter is written by Jared Newman, a journalist who's been covering consumer technology since 2008. He is a regular contributor to PCWorld, TechHive, and Fast Company, and has written for, the New York Times, Macworld, Popular Mechanics, and Rolling Stone. His free newsletter on streaming video and over-the-air television, Cord Cutter Weekly, has more than 11,000 active subscribers.

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Questions and Answers

When and how often does the newsletter arrive?

Every two weeks, usually on Monday mornings but subject to change during the trial run.

Why pay for a newsletter when the web offers endless content for free?

People always tell me they want to get smarter about the technology they're using, but they don't always know what to look for with web searches, nor do they want to pick through news feeds for useful information. With Advisorator, you're paying for time and energy saved by having actionable tech advice delivered straight to your inbox.

Is the newsletter really ad- and sponsorship-free?

Yes. I will link to external sources to provide attribution and suggest further reading materials--and those web pages will probably have ads--but my intent is for each newsletter to provide lots of useful information on its own. This will not be like Cord Cutter Weekly, in which the top story is a link to my work elsewhere.

How do you cancel membership?

Just email me your request by clicking the "cancel" link at the bottom of the newsletter; I'll personally turn off your subscription and ensure no further charges to your card. By default, you'll keep receiving newsletters until the end of your current subscription cycle, but monthly subscribers can also send me an email request to refund the current month and stop service immediately.

Can I read Advisorator on the web?

Each newsletter will have a web link so you can add it to reading list services such Pocket or zoom in on the text. I have no plans for a freestanding website at this time.

What are you doing with my data?

I keep track of how many subscribers open my emails and click on links, because this helps me figure out which topics readers value most. I will never sell access to your email address or other personal data, and because Stripe processes your payments securely, it's impossible for me to even look at your full credit card details. Also, this website does not use any tracking cookies, because that would be silly.

What's happening to Cord Cutter Weekly?

It's not going anywhere, and it will remain free (and ad-free). Advisorator is a completely separate newsletter for folks who want more than just TV coverage and would like to support my work along the way.

Where'd that subscribe button go?

Right here.